The interactive meeting provides an excellent opportunity for all members to learn about the course, ongoing research projects and the AI innovations for Health(care) that are being worked on.

The weekly meeting is held in the Innovation Space (route 441) of the Radboudumc every Thursday afternoon from 15:00 - 16:00 PM, and is mandatory for all PhD candidates and MSc students. MSc students are required to present their work at the beginning and end of their project. The research project supervisors are expected to be present during the presentations of their MSc student. The attendance of research project supervisors during other meetings is optional, but highly appreciated.

The slides for past presentations are available by clicking on the links in the titles below. To reserve a presentation slot for a future meeting, click on the desired date or send an email to


Date Speaker Title
09-01-2020 Shankeeth Vinayahalingam Development and validation of a deep-learning
system for wisdom tooth removal.
16-01-2020 Koen Dercksen Building multi-modal interactive health records.
23-01-2020 Tristan de Boer AI steered interventional MRI.
30-01-2020 Guest Speakers
Francesco Ciompi
Wouter Bulten

An introduction to Computational Pathology.
Automated Gleason Grading using Deep Learning.
06-02-2020 Tristan Payer AI-assisted PD-L1 scoring in lung cancer.
13-02-2020 Ruben Kluge Pneumothorax detection using Deep Learning.
20-02-2020 Evi Sijben Predicting and explaining the effect of pelvic floor surgeries.
27-02-2020 NO MEETING
05-03-2020 Josien Visschedijk Text mining pathology reports.
12-03-2020 NO MEETING
19-03-2020 Alex Tichter Simulated Prosthetic Hearing in deaf subjects.
26-03-2020 NO MEETING
02-04-2020 Martijn Schilpzand Automated prenatal ultrasound screening.
09-04-2020 NO MEETING
16-04-2020 Guest Speaker
Bram van Ginneken
DIAG AI development for COVID-19.
23-04-2020 NO MEETING
30-04-2020 NO MEETING
07-05-2020 NO MEETING
14-05-2020 Fien Ockers Quantitative facial phenotyping of patients with intellectual disability.
21-05-2020 NO MEETING
28-05-2020 NO MEETING
04-06-2020 NO MEETING
11-06-2020 NO MEETING
18-06-2020 NO MEETING
25-06-2020 NO MEETING
02-07-2020 Ruben Kluge Pneumothorax detection using Deep Learning.
09-07-2020 NO MEETING
16-07-2020 NO MEETING
27-08-2020 Fien Ockers
Max Oosterwegel
Quantitative facial phenotyping of patients with intellectual disability. (Defense)
Modelling long-term progression of Parkinson’s disease. (Defense)
03-09-2020 Manon de Jonge Predicting changes in quality of life of ICU survivors. (Defense)
10-09-2020 TBD
17-09-2020 Thijs van den Hout Muscle and fat segmentation in 3D CT images for body composition assessment. (Defense)
24-09-2020 Klaus Lux Screening for neuromuscular disorders using automatic classification of muscle ultrasound images.
01-10-2020 Martijn Schilpzand Automated prenatal ultrasound screening. (Defense)
08-10-2020 TBD
15-10-2020 TBD
22-10-2020 TBD
29-10-2020 TBD
05-11-2020 TBD
12-11-2020 Lisette Boeijenk A machine learning model to identify neurogenic and infectious fever in ICU patients with acute brain injury.
19-11-2020 TBD