AI for Health course

Have you ever thought about exploring and understanding the field of artificial intelligence? Due to the successes in past years, the AI for Health course will also be held in Q1 2025. This course, designed specifically for clinicians, researchers and support staff working in hospitals, provides insight and hands-on experience into the many possibilities of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
If you are interested in joining the next course, you can express your interest by sending an email to and we will keep you up to date when more information regarding a start date becomes available.

To meet the needs of our participants as much as possible, we offer two different tracks:
  • light track, in which you get a good overview of the role AI can have in clinical practice.
  • full track, in which you will, on top of the content you get in the light track, also learn to implement AI solutions yourself using Python.
Following our tracks you will:
  • Gain insight in how artificial intelligence can impact healthcare.
  • Gain insight in the essential ingredients to run a successful AI project.
  • Gain knowledge on how to choose the best AI models and AI products available.
  • Gain knowledge on how AI models work and how performances can be optimized.
  • Learn how to implement your own AI models by exercising in practical settings (full track only!).
This course is a must for:
  • Anyone wanting to support decision making processes through the use of healthcare data.
  • Anyone believing there is more potential in healthcare data than is currently being exploited.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the possibilities and limitations of using artificial intelligence to improve healthcare.
More information can be found below.
Course program

The fifth edition of the AI for Health course will start in Q3 2023. More information will follow soon!

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What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in recent years and plays an ever greater role in healthcare. But what is AI exactly? And how does it play a role in healthcare?

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Example projects

There have been two previous editions of the AI for Health course. Here you can find more information about them.

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Do you have any questions about the course? Please have a look at our FAQ.

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How to apply?

Would you like to join the next edition of the AI for Health course? Here you can find more information on how to apply.

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Here you can find more information about the topics covered in the course.

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