AI for Health course

Radboud AI for Health plans to run two courses every year for a group of around 25 professionals from Radboudumc interested to learn more about AI applications in healthcare. The course program will consist of lectures and practical exercises, and will conclude with a practical project around a Radboudumc case. Details of the program will be set up in collaboration with the participants.

The course will be organized in a collaboration between Radboudumc, Radboud University and the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in Den Bosch. A presentation by Egge van der Poel was given during an information session on September 16, 2019. The slides of this presentation can be found here.

What you need to know for the second edition of the course:

  • The second edition will start September 18th 2020
  • Course will be held on 13 Fridays, with different topics per day
  • The course days consist of lectures in the morning and afternoon practicals with cases focused on Radboudumc practice
  • The program for the 13 Fridays will be held at Radboudumc in Nijmegen and JADS in Den Bosch
  • In addition there will be 4 project days, also on Fridays, in the Radboudumc where you will work in a team on a Radboudumc project
  • We expect particpants to spend on average 4 hours per week on homework and self study
  • There will be an online training environment with support documentation, discussion forum and blended learning
  • The course will end with a graduation ceremony where teams will present their project results and a certificate will be awarded

An overview of the course schedule can be seen below.

Date Topic Location
18-09-2020 Intro / Machine Learning 1 JADS
25-09-2020 Machine Learning 2 / Final Presentations Course 1 Radboudumc
Route 123 - Mertens B until 13:15 PM
Livestram link for graduation coming soon
02-10-2020 Machine Learning 3 / Python Assignments Radboudumc
Route 448 - Ruimte 01 from 09:30 AM
09-10-2020 Machine Learning 4 / Python Assignments Radboudumc
Route 448 - Ruimte 01 from 09:30 AM
30-10-2020 Data Engineering Radboudumc
Route 448 - Ruimte 01 from 09:30 AM
06-11-2020 Deep Learning 1 / Python Assignments Radboudumc
Route 325 - Colloquiumzaal 1.2/1.3 (Tandheelkunde)
13-11-2020 Deep Learning 2 / Python Assignments Radboudumc
Route 325 - Colloquiumzaal 1.2/1.3 (Tandheelkunde)
20-11-2020 Project Day 1 Radboudumc
Route 309 - Ruimte 02, begane grond (Tandheelkunde)
27-11-2020 Machine Learning 5 / Python Assignments Radboudumc
Route 309 - Ruimte 02, begane grond (Tandheelkunde)
04-12-2020 Project Day 2 Radboudumc
Route 309 - Ruimte 02, begane grond (Tandheelkunde)
11-12-2020 Decision Support JADS
18-12-2020 Visualization JADS
08-01-2021 Project Day 3 Radboudumc
Route 309 - Ruimte 02, begane grond (Tandheelkunde)
15-01-2021 Bioinformatics Radboudumc
Route 309 - Ruimte 02, begane grond (Tandheelkunde)
22-01-2021 Text Mining JADS
29-01-2021 Project Day 4 Radboudumc
Route 309 - Ruimte 02, begane grond (Tandheelkunde)
12-02-2021 Final Presentations Radboudumc

First edition

The first edition of the AI for Health course started November 2, 2019. A group of 25 Radboudumc employees followed the course, consisting of 11 days of lectures and practical assignments at JADS. The participants formed six teams that have developed an AI solution to a challenging clinical problem. The six teams will present their work at the final meeting of the course on September 25th. More information regarding these projects will follow soon.


“I was a participant of the first group that followed this course, therefore it felt sometimes a bit like trial and error. It's nice to see that the lessons we've learned have already been incorporated into the new course.

Despite this, I learned a lot, both about the backgrounds of data science and AI as well as in applying them. I actually became even more curious about what can be achieved by applying data science and AI models to the gigantic mountain of data that the Radboudumc has. The course was an alternation between theory and practice and covers a wide range of topics, including for example machine learning, data visualization, ultrasound images and genetic data.

Do you want to acquire knowledge about the data science and AI, or do you already have experience with facets of data science and do you want to deepen, broaden or apply this knowledge within the Radboudumc? Then this course is highly recommended!“ according to Pascal van Nispen, interface specialist, Department Information Management at the Radboudumc

More information and instructions how to apply can be found on this internal Radboudmc page.