For AI for Health MSc projects, students are eligible to receive a monthly reimbursement of €500,- for a period of six months. The following requirements must be met during the course of the project:

  • Each student is required to set up and maintain a project webpage. The webpage should provide a clear overview of which people are involved in the project, what the project entails and what results have been achieved. Instructions for making a new project page can be found here.

  • Students must attend the weekly meeting and are encouraged to actively participate in the discussion.

  • Each student will present during the weekly meeting in the first half of their project. This will give others a good overview of the project and any preliminary results. It is an excellent opportunity to receive valuable feedback and advice from other AI for Health members.

  • Students are required to write a short intermediate report and attend an evaluation meeting to discuss project progress.

  • Students are required to give a final defense presentation during the weekly meeting. They must plan this in advance and make sure all supervisors are in attendance to grade the project and presentation.

  • At the end of the project, students must finalize their project webpage and include links to a GitHub repository containing the project code and any web application they have created. Students are encouraged to create a video that explains or demonstrates the final product of their project. A link to the final MSc thesis must also be included on the webpage.